Children deserve the best. We give children and their parents happiness. For boys, girls, their parents, their grandparents. What is Funky Forest? Funky Forest is a multilingual child eco-center.

This is a place where it is always cozy, a place that is full of smiles and the bubbly laughing children. Here it is possible to have fun on a playground imagining yourself as a firefighter or policeman, to paint a wonderful picture, attend carpentry or pottery session and interact with funny pet.

Here, in an interesting manner, serious and important things are told; while playing necessary skills are trained, and sincere satisfaction is taught from the process of understanding this infinitely great world.

Funky Forest is an island of freedom and peace for parents, Grannies and Grandpas. Here you can be sure that your child is surrounded with care and attention while you are spending time with your friends or enjoying a cup of rich coffee with a tasty low-calorie dessert in peace and silence.

Funky Forest News

Kids club (from 2 to 5 y/o)

The territory of love, respect and trust.

We know all the character traits of our guests, and we are absolutely sure that even the smallest, quietest child deserves to be understood and heard.

We will help to develop leadership skills in a fidgety toddler striving to be a winner in any game.

We will teach an introverted child preferring to spend his time viewing books or playing with a construction toy to think on his own and make decisions.

And we will explore the potential of a future singer or dancer, in a little capricious child, having a soft spot for attention.

You can bring your little one to the fixed groups or leave him/her with us for several hours whenever you need to.

Indeed, they will definitely like it!

Extracurricular activities for children 5 – 7 years
15:00 – 20:00

You don’t want to leave your child at school after classes? Bring him/her to Funky Forest!

Here it is possible to relax in the company of peers, to paint, do modelling, play music, do yoga, fun mathematics or take part in cooking classes.
We even prepare all homework with native-speaking teachers. The lessons are given in 3 languages: English, Spanish, and French. We will control the preparation of their homework. So that, when at home, you will be able to do something pleasant together. No cries or conflicts!

Restaurant with a children’s menu

Do you still think that “healthy” and “tasty” are not compatible? Well, it means you have never been to Funky Forest!

Fresh fruit and juices, the most delicious smoothies, light but filling salads cooked by all standards of healthy nutrition, rich coffee and amazing dishes of original cuisine. And all of these are made of natural eco-products. If needed, our cooks will align the menu to your child, excluding one or more ingredients.

As what is more, here, the most spectacular and unforgettable birthdays are celebrated!

Funky Forest Timetable

Summer Camp

You have no one to leave your child with? Bring him/her to Funky Forest!

At the unique eco-camp, open during summer holidays, the young scouts will learn to live in a gadget free space, master orienteering, be able to build a real wigwam and take part in engrossing workshops.

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