A particular highlight of El Campanario is the children’s nutrition! The Chef of El Campanario’s restaurant has worked out a particular dietary menu for children. The healthy full-blown and diverse meals will be to the taste of even a kid born with a dainty tooth.

Our Delicious Menu


Salad (tomato, cucumber, carrot), Vegetable cream soup, Chicken Roast, Fruit compote, Bread


Salad (tomato, cucumber, carrot), Chicken noodle soup, Chicken meatballs with buckwheat cereal, Fruit compote, Bread


Salad (tomato, cucumber, carrot), Soup with meatballs, Macaroni with ground beef, Fruit compote, Bread


Salad (tomato, cucumber, carrot), Vegetable soup, White fish with rice, Fruit compote, Bread


Salad (tomato, cucumber, carrot), Chicken noodle soup, Mashed potatoes with meatballs, Fruit compote, Bread

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