The Brothers Grimm School

Here, in El Campanario, we are starting a brand-new project — kids literature club “The brothers Grimm school”, which started from our and RusRadioMarbella radio-show “Children talking” or “From two to five”.

As a part of this project children will be learning to create and write down their own stories, from fairytales to sci-fi, to make their own illustration, and of course, our kids club will support them by publishing an annual anthology of our writers. As always, El Campanario takes a serious approach to fairytales — meaning there will be professional approach to all the stages of production, and workshops with the real writers.

The program includes literature games to develop creative thinking, fun games, creation of characters and images, theatre elements to learn properly express the feeling verbally, and, of course, individual approach to each story. The art teacher will also participate, and the paint will emphasise the impression. We will illustrate our fairytales!

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